I run into something a very unpleasant experience with my girlfriend. We fight because of something. From that I got an idea to post. So let me share.

What a detail means to you? Is something detailed is bad or not necessary? Do you love something abstract or placed by a well named variable? Well, everything is depend on your view. But for me, details are important and something too detailed is not necessary but have to be placed. What was that means?!

Details are important because through it you can understand thing more. Like when you are coding your programs, you need to place the comments at least in every method declaration so that anyone who will continue your code will easily understand what that method means. But if you put all the comments in every line, people will think “Did the previous programmer thinks that we don’t know that this means a loop?!” Too detailed is not necessary. It will just make the reader feel tired with all your details. But it has to be placed. Where? In the document of course!

See? Detailed things are needed. In coding, in giving direction, in writing a novel, in reporting, in many things! But can you imagine if you have all the details of one forum’s database while you are just a normal user? Must be very bad if it is happened. You may use it for something bad or just feel “Uuggh! Other person must have the same data and knows who I am!” Bad eh?

So people, do things in detail. Because tiny details is the art of great complexity. I would like to quote a writing that I saw in Chiang Mai.

In every simplicity you see, there is a great complexity behind it.

Develop: Generic or Specific

Sorry for a long time not blogging. I was doing some activities that I can not delay. This article is about developing application. I compare in developing generic application or specific application.

My mom had just bought an Android tablet and she wanted to use it as her tool in teaching. My mom is a biology teacher. Then she asked me to install biology stuffs inside. I went to a place named Google Play and looked for those apps. What I got is a really big disappointment. Most of them are not filling my mom’s criteria. I asked some friends on twitter whether they have ever know any apps like that, and no one answers. I deduct that they don’t know so they are afraid to answer.

Well, that is a specific application. One need an application that can do this and that but focus on a single topic. In this case, it is biology. Because I couldn’t find any app, so I told my mom I will build her the app. When I want to build, some questions come to me.

  1. Should I build it only to my mom’s tablet or to every teacher to ease them in teaching?
  2. Should I give freedom for my mom to add an extra lesson or info in her teaching or give her just what she needs now?

Well, the first question is quite easy to answer. But the second one is hard. If I build the application and allows my mom to create new lesson, chapters, sub chapters, and details in that lesson, will it helps her or not. I choose to interview and she thinks that it is a great idea! So I think this is a generic application. It is an application to ease teacher to teach, by putting the topics in their tablet. Any teacher can use this application. But still it is a specific application. It is focused in teaching. What makes it generic is that if one day I want to create an application that the main function is to present something, well, I can use my classes and just modify a little.

Generic and specific, two things that are different, but can not be separated. Another example of generic application is that stock management. You can use the same classes in stock management application to create library books management, storage management, and anything! Think generic, because in this world, any idea you have, you are not the first one to think about it.