Small Implementation of Bataknesse Philosophy

It has been a while since the last time I post something here. I just have a conversation with my relatives. He is older as fact. But we have the same family name, Situmeang. This conversation is the base of this post.

There is a Batak philosophy that said, “Every Batak is child of a king.” The phrase sounds so mighty and strong. But how do every Batak can be the king one day? It is easy. In the Bible, sorry for I use the Bible for it is the most familiar for us in the conversation, written, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” That’s the answer. To be a king, one must seek God first and the closest thing to God is wisdom and intelligence as said in Proverbs book.

That’s quite true. When we seek higher and higher wisdom and knowledge everyone come seeking us for things. We can work anywhere. We can achieve anything. Everyone likes us, anyone needs us. Also when we have more knowledge we can get higher position everywhere.

So it is kinda easy. Be the king by getting higher knowledge and wisdom. Not just for man, because no king can marry a slave. They still have to marry a queen, that makes this knowledge seeking thing is for everryone. Well, the Batak philosophy then implemented and all of us can be king.

But remember. There can only be one king. And once there is still be a king, be loyal to our king. 🙂

the Streets – Urban Life in Balige Central Area

Today is Saturday, a week away from my birthday. I do have to go to Balige, a small town in Toba Samosir, North Sumatera, Indonesia. I was looking for some papers as reference for my final task. But I can’t resist myself looking at everything around me and write about it. Let’s begin from very first time I stepped on this town today.

I was dropped by PI del bus heading to Dolok Sanggul in front of the Balige traditional market. There I found people are discussing in Bataknesse. Then I went into my main destination, an Internet Cafe and Game Center, BangkitNet. Well, inside I found students, skipping their schools for playing games. I wondered then, is the game is better than school? No! They even played those games with cheats! It’s so foolish to skip school for something like that I thought.

Then I walked and got inside a traditional market because I need something to buy. Well, I didn’t get the thing I want but I did eat a delicious food, mi gomak. It was a noodle, well, quite famous in Batak. I saw the market wass so empty and so few people opened their stall there. But in that emptyness even they didn’t offer their product well. They asked us in Bataknesse and laughed at us that as fact we understand them so clearly. Well, a bad habit for merchants I thought.

Finally here I am sit on a bench in front of a store that sold things in a really high price, not appropriate as fact. I found man that spit as he wanted to. People preparing for saturday night sale. Becak and public bus driver that waiting for their customer. Locals asking for money. More important is fast vehicles with people crossing the street.