Purpose In Life

Just now, I was having a Sunday service in nearby church. The reading was taken from Isaiah 5. There was written how God make Israel prosper in their days and how Israelis betray God in their life.

We are like an orchard. God has tend us so much and make us prosper. God gave us what we need. Often we are like tahe Israeli that time. We betray God and instead of sharing kindness, we make sins. We lost our purpose in life. We lost our true purpose that is to love eah other. We forgot that we should be the light that guide people’s in their life. We forgot that we must be like salt that make all things tasty.

Just like when we are in real life. We do something nice and we do everything good and great. We expect good things from it. Often, though, we get the opposite. Maybe something is wrong with us. Then corrections must be made in the next cycle. Maybe something is wrong with the fruit. Then the product must be purged down. Just like how God left Israelis that time to be conquered and became a vassal of Babel.

Remember your purpose in life then you could thread in your way safety with prayers and right efforts.