I run into something a very unpleasant experience with my girlfriend. We fight because of something. From that I got an idea to post. So let me share.

What a detail means to you? Is something detailed is bad or not necessary? Do you love something abstract or placed by a well named variable? Well, everything is depend on your view. But for me, details are important and something too detailed is not necessary but have to be placed. What was that means?!

Details are important because through it you can understand thing more. Like when you are coding your programs, you need to place the comments at least in every method declaration so that anyone who will continue your code will easily understand what that method means. But if you put all the comments in every line, people will think “Did the previous programmer thinks that we don’t know that this means a loop?!” Too detailed is not necessary. It will just make the reader feel tired with all your details. But it has to be placed. Where? In the document of course!

See? Detailed things are needed. In coding, in giving direction, in writing a novel, in reporting, in many things! But can you imagine if you have all the details of one forum’s database while you are just a normal user? Must be very bad if it is happened. You may use it for something bad or just feel “Uuggh! Other person must have the same data and knows who I am!” Bad eh?

So people, do things in detail. Because tiny details is the art of great complexity. I would like to quote a writing that I saw in Chiang Mai.

In every simplicity you see, there is a great complexity behind it.

Long Relationship

Well, people, long time no press! And this is my fresh press today! Last Saturday, April 7, 2012, my relationship with my girl is officially 3 years. It is the first anniversary that we had together because these times we usually separated by distance.

What did I expect from this long time relationship? Of course a longer and eternal one. Well, I have to admit that I want this lasts forever. But people, the road to it will never be easy. It may be blocked with a big boulder, blocked by a group of crossing animals, or even in an extreme condition, the path is separated and you’ll have to walk it alone and meet again later. But people, that’s life.

We as human, have to learn to accept also to welcome the pain and to let it go, so those pain may come and go in peace. In relationship, we must have done so many beautiful and great things together, when there is a problem, should we only see the problem and forget the amazing moments that we shared together? I don’t think so.

What should everyone do is accept. You may want to change things, but it require both of you to change so that you’ll be a better couple. You may have done something wrong, never forget to say sorry and apologize. You may feel so hurt, never forget to forgive soon. You may be angry, but not to make the relationship broken. It is just a feeling to express how sad you are then back again to happy feelings that you both can share.

People, trust me. You may don’t understand this at all. But the key is that when you read this, and then you had some problem with your partner, never forget the happy moments you’ve been shared together that made you stay as this long. One more thing, you may see some flaw and never break thousands or even billions of goodness you’ve done because that flaw. 🙂


Well, well, well. Ini dia yang kami semua del09 tungguin, libur. Tapi gimana nih semua libur ini? Ini namanya libur? Oh, iya. Libur ini penuh dengan project. Ini, itu, anu, bla, bla, bla…. (Untungnya RE ga pasang project. hahahaha!)

Liburan ini rencananya mau ketemu sama @jscter, pacar aku, (sombong). Nah, katanya papa mama mau pigi ke luar kota, jadinya bisa agak dijaga rumah itu. -_____-”

Lalu berubahlah semua rencana dan kegiatan. Hufft! Buatnya aja udah setengah mati, ngerubahnya harus satu malam…… -___-” capeknya…..

Dan sialnya lagi papa mamaku ga jadi pigi ke luar kota. Mereka malah stay in Medan until my uncle returns from Jakarta. Oh damn! It is January!!! Waktu lenggang bareng jeje (begitu dia aku panggil) makin sedikit. Jadi gimana dong? Rencana harus dibalikkan seperti semula. -______- suntuknya…

Anyway, sebenarnya rencana hanya foto, tapi @jscter dan kawan kawannya, yang aku sebut para niece, udah rencanain lama sekali….. Weleh, makin rumit nih masalahnya.

Anyway, let us stick with the project. Project yang banyak yang harus dikerjakan. Sepertinya juga banyak yang mau dipelajari terlebih dulu. Swinging, Event Listening, Handling, banyaknya….. Orang awam mungkin mikir, swinging = goyang, event listening = gossing, handling = menangani. Masa menangani gossip yang bergoyang! 😮

Sebenarnya itu Java, bahasa pemrograman. So, let us stick ourself in our major problem.